Add Some Style To Your Living Room With A Fireplace

Fireplaces have long been used to add style to our homes and to provide heat during the bitterly cold winter months. They come in a variety of shapes and styles that make them unique and interesting additions to the decor of your home. Combining a wood fireplace with the right type of floorings, such as hardwood, parquet or bamboo can create a warm and cosy environment. Wood fireplaces are very economical and can heat your home cost-effectively.

Wood chips/chunks are available from most stores and can easily be used as fuel for your fireplace.

Are There Different Types Of Fireplaces?

Yes, fireplaces come in many different shapes and sizes. Some fireplaces may even be custom designed to fit into a particular space in your home while others are designed to act as focal pieces. A gas fireplace is the ultimate in convenience since it doesn't require any maintenance or upkeep to use. Some models are even equipped with a remote control function so that you can turn the fire on or off at the touch of a button, what more could one ask for?

Can A Fireplace Be Retrofitted?

Although fireplaces can be retrofitted, in most cases, it is dependant on the construction of your home and might require permission from the local authorities.

Fitting a fireplace is not a complicated job, although there are exceptions, and it can be done rather quickly with the use of professional assistance.

Will A Fireplace Warm My Entire Home?

While a fireplace is a very effective heating method and is very well suited to heating large spaces. It may, however, not always be able to heat your entire home. Fireplaces are well suited to heating large open living areas like family rooms and kitchens. Some models, called panoramic, fireplaces can heat two sides of a room at the same time.

They have openings on either side of the fireplace so that the heat can be directed to two areas simultaneously.

Is A Special Type Of Flooring Required To Use A Fireplace?

In general, it is advisable to position your fireplace on a flooring type that can withstand heat. Ceramic tiles and concrete are good examples. However, some modern wooden floors are able to withstand the heat generated by fireplaces very well and they can easily be used as a base for your new fireplace.

Do Fireplaces Require Maintenance?

Yes, most fireplaces require some maintenance. The easiest way to keep your fireplace working effectively is by using the right types of woods.

Wood fireplaces can also accumulate ash and other debris which needs to be removed from time to time in order to keep your fireplace working at optimum levels. Some companies specialise in fireplace maintenance and can assist you to keep your fireplace working at optimum levels throughout the year.

How To Choose The Right Fireplace

Choosing the right fireplace can make all the difference between a comfortable campfire like experience and an irritating job. When choosing your fireplace, make sure that you carefully measure the area to be heated so that the unit can generate enough heat to ensure comfortable temperature levels throughout the room. A fireplace adds a lot of aesthetic value to your home, choose a model that fits with the architecture of your house to gain maximum enjoyment from your new fireplace.

Now all you need is a cool winters night, a crackling fire and a book!.

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