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If we think of a traditional casino, it is difficult to imagine them in terms of sustainability. This is because they are usually large establishments full of continuously operating machines and lights that light up 24 hours a day. However, there are many companies dedicated to the gaming industry that have already become aware of the environment and contribute to its care. These are, on the one hand, traditional casinos that are committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by implementing environmental programs and, on the other hand, online gaming rooms, such as Betway Chile, which operate in virtual environments without affecting the natural environment.

Sustainable casinosOne

of the first companies to become aware of the damage it was causing to the environment was Caesars Entertainment, a company with casinos in the United States and other countries, such as Uruguay. In 2008, the company made a commitment to the environment and developed an environmental program with the goal of reducing its carbon dioxide emissions by 95 percent by 2050. This program, CodeGreen, sets defined targets not only for harmful gas emissions, but also for energy, water, waste treatment, properties, and sustainable operations. In this way, year after year, the company manages to reduce its environmental impact a little bit more.

Caesars Entertainment is not the only company committed to caring for the environment; many other casinos contribute their efforts to turn their establishments into sustainable spaces and various non-profit organizations promote measures to help achieve this. The U.S. Green Building Council is one of the organizations that offers certifications to those companies that build sustainable buildings. MGM Mirage, also a hospitality company, has adopted water conservation technology in Nevada and operates its own power plant.

In other parts of the world, casinos are developing specific policies, such as banning the use of plastic in their facilities. In Argentina, the Santa Fe Casino uses wind power and has installed wind generators to create energy.

Online cas

inosFrom the player's side, the best way to contribute to the care of the environment is to choose an online casino like Betway. This is because this type of game, which is available on any mobile device, does not have the environmental impact of large casinos since their operations are carried out in completely virtual environments.

Betway has been one of the first casinos to choose this mode and offers the same entertainment that can be found in traditional gaming rooms. By using only digital resources, online casinos are undoubtedly the greenest option and more and more companies are taking steps to commit to the environment and minimize pollution. Traditional casinos are opting for sustainable alternatives; online casinos completely reduce the waste of resources.

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