Decorate with recycled flowers

Receiving flowers at home like those from The Colvin Co. is the perfect opportunity to decorate the rooms of your home and keep your rooms scented. Flower bouquets fill living spaces and transmit positive energy throughout the house. Flowers such as carnations , tulips and bungavillas not only add colour to your rooms, but can be recycled and reused to decorate other spaces.

Want to reuse your bouquets ? Be inspired by our ideas for decorating with recycled flowers.

Drying and Using FlowersThe

gardenia , lily and peony make up delicate bouquets that can last a long time. Dried flowers bring a rustic style to decoration; a dried flower bouquet is the perfect opportunity to combine a country style with white and brown tones. To dry the bouquet , remove the wrapping and tie the stems using a string. Hang it upside down and leave it for a few days in a dark environment where it does not receive sunlight.

In addition to using the entire bouquet for decoration, you can use the petals of daisies , gardenias , daffodils , and any other flowers to make other decorative items, such as pictures and bookmarks.

Details with pressed flowers

In addition to drying the flower bouquets , you can press the petals of lilies , carnations and tulips to use them in your decoration projects. To press the flowers, you have to place them inside a vegetable paper inside a book with a lot of weight on it. After a few months, you'll have perfectly smooth flowers that you can use to create decorative objects, such as those suggested below:
  • Candles: You can use wrapping paper and a hair dryer to attach peonies , bungavillas and dried gardenias to a candle. In this process, the wax melts from the heat and acts as a glue for the flower to adhere to the surface.
  • Paper: If you enjoy making your own recycled paper, just follow the same technique and add daisy petals, carnations and tulips to the process.
  • Potpourri: Use petals of aromatic bouquets to make potpourri and perfume every corner of your home.

    You can place it in transparent jars or bags and decorate your rooms with this mixture.

A home flower shop is the perfect opportunity to decorate your space with bouquets of flowers that you can then recycle to make them last. Dried flower projects, such as bungavillas , carnations and peonies , include decorative objects and projects that add a special touch to your home.

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