Give Your Garden a Makeover

Whether you’ve just moved into a new property or have grown bored of the style of your garden, there are plenty of ways to change your outside area so it becomes a warm and welcoming place for you, your family and/or your guests.What does your garden mean to you?Before starting work, think about how you’ll be using your garden. If you’re fond of entertaining, create an outdoor dining room with a fire feature such as a fire-pit or barbecue. Install a waterproof speaker system so that you and your guests can enjoy some music and ensure you have soft outdoor lighting like tealights or fairy lights to create the right atmosphere.If your garden is your haven and a place to relax after the stresses of a busy day, make a quiet contemplation area which is secluded by the construction of fences, bushes or trees. The soothing sounds of a water feature will calm you even more.Preparing your ideasSketch out some plans of how you envisage your new garden.

Don’t forget to think in all dimensions. Too many people forget about height when they’re planning their new garden so their outdoor area looks too uniform with all greenery on the same level. Vertical planting, such as in fences or walls, will be helpful if your garden has limited space.Think about the colour palette of your garden too. Although flowering plants of blues, greys and mauves have long been in fashion, more and more people are now choosing more garish colours like vibrant yellows and oranges.Budgeting for these changes will also play a role in your decision-making.

You don’t necessarily have to buy all the gardening equipment. Tool rental is a much more cost-effective solution especially for equipment which is only needed at certain times of the year like pruning shears or chainsaws.Embrace Japanese wabi-sabiThe Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi seeks beauty in the asymmetrical. Mixing perennials with bedding plants, bulbs, grasses and even vegetables will give your outdoor area a more relaxed and less artificial-looking style. It will be eye-catching and give you something to look at and admire all the year round.This can be achieved by creating an English country meadow in your yard.

This will look much better if the garden surface is completely flat. Mini digger hire will save you a lot of back-breaking labour in preparing uneven surfaces.A mixture of wildflowers and perennials in your garden meadow will produce a riot of colour from April to November. This stunning look is possible with the minimum of maintenance since plants will be adapted to the climate and require little or no watering. This makes it an ideal option for busy professionals who don’t have the time to spend hours working on their garden.Another benefit is that the use of indigenous plants will create a haven for native species of wildlife such as butterflies.Whatever makeover you opt for, remember that a garden is a work in progress.

As it grows and matures, it will look even better in the years to come.

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