The rest and its repairing effect

A good rest derived from a deep and restful sleep can be key in the general state of our health. The tensions, worries and stress experienced throughout the day can be emotionally and physically demanding, resulting in weakened health and susceptibility to certain problems and conditions. Therefore, resting properly becomes an essential act to restore strength and health, both physically and emotionally, through a comfortable and worry-free sleep. Those who do not rest properly have a tendency to negativity and pessimism that significantly worsens each of the problems they have to face in their daily lives.

Pessimism is one of the main enemies of happiness, since it prevents people from seeing the most satisfactory aspects of life and makes it impossible to really enjoy the best moments. The negative vision is related to a vital attitude but it is also associated with a deficiency in rest. When there are no specific ailments that should be treated by medical professionals, it is very simple and advisable to follow certain guidelines to achieve that deep and restorative rest that improves our quality of life and helps us to adopt a much more positive attitude towards everyday situations. Avoiding heavy meals in the evening and eating dinner at least one hour before going to bed will allow for light digestion and improve rest.

Similarly, it is highly recommended to avoid excessive consumption of liquids that force you to get up in the middle of the night to urinate, thus breaking the depth of sleep. Excessive heat or a lower temperature than recommended weakens the quality of sleep and, at the same time, can cause illness and discomfort. Colds and muscle injuries can result from a too-cold environment, while high temperatures can lead to anxiety, heat stroke and various types of sleep disorders. That is why it is essential to have an adequate air conditioning system that allows us to regulate the temperature to an ideal level of comfort and favors the best environment to rest.

Various studies conducted on the influence of sleep quality on health show that the immune system is strengthened by a good rest, facilitates weight loss, relaxes the body by reducing stress levels and helps concentration among many other benefits.

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